Fat Cat Restuarant

Fat Cat Restaurant Quincy, MA
p. 617.471.4363 // f.

Neil Kiley

Thomas Coleman
Executive Chef

Please note, the Fat Cat does not accept reservations.

You will not be seated without your entire party present.


Welcome to the fat cat

The Fat Cat is a dedication to perseverance and quality. After years of research and site searching the owner, Neil Kiley, decided there was no place like home. A lifelong Quincy resident, Mr. Kiley found the property at 24 Chestnut Street which had been empty for three years. The building itself is deep with Quincy tradition, 24 Chestnut Street was the first market in the City of Presidents. After a six month hands on total redesign, The Fat Cat has been transformed into an engaging, warm, industrial style restaurant.

The owner feels there are three main components to restaurant dining: quality, service and value. There is one small freezer in the restaurant that houses ice cream and that is it. All of our product is fresh, not frozen, and we receive deliveries seven days a week to ensure that your meal is the best quality possible. The staff has been trained to answer any questions you may have regarding the menu. You will find that our prices are reasonable for the product that we deliver. We hope that you have a wonderful dining experience here at The Fat Cat, where the customer is first and foremost.